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Per Your Request: We should all be aware, both males and females, that beauty is dangerous.

Because it was requested after a mention in class: We should all be aware, both males and females, that beauty is dangerous.” See minutes 3:30-5:16 Begin with Sevan Hanoum. In the film, she wears a trench coat and a fedora. A white shirt with a tie? Underneath that, a woman’s breasts. Underneath that, her lungs, […]

Petanque Post-OP: The Field Trip

Dana Stevenson kindly made sudden room for 14 people  on the Petanque court this afternoon. I want you to recall the quality of his cajole, his touch, his teaching. You drew a circle around yourself; you felt the weight of the ball in your hand; you slowed down. Were you happy to or was it coercion? […]

Index of Invisible Territories

You will be writing an index of invisible territories AND an index of invisible materials (the literally visible, the sometimes visible). We will use it to begin a discussion regarding your macro and micro projects when we meet individually in the next couple weeks. Here is one way to begin your index: Flip to the […]

O Field Trips

13 October 2010 MEET at Museum of Modern Art at 2:00 sharp. We should gather in the sculpture garden. We shall proceed to the Images/Photography  show on the 6th floor after we have convened. 29 September 2010 We shall meet at The PETANQUE Court at Bryant Park at 2:00 PM Here is a map. Be […]

Assignment #2: Days and Nights of an Anarchist Whore

Read the entirety of Griselidis Real’s Little Black Book. Please consider: Is she an art practitioner or solely an anarchist-whore? If she qualifies as an art practitioner, please indicate just where that manifests in your opinion? Where does she err and where does she expand our notions of how we can negotiate the social realm? […]

Assignment #1: Micro-Gestures

Assignment #1. DOCUMENTATION. POST IT HERE AS COMMENT with link to visual images or send the attachment to my email address and I will post it here with image (image includes a photograph of a description written on the page). 5 -7 Micro-gestures. To be performed by the next class. To be documented in a […]

In. Class. Exercises.

Exercise  #1 We will imitate the stalker. This is nothing new.  Sophe Calle (Suite Venitienne (1979)) and Vito Hannibal  Acconci  (Following (1969)) make aesthetic of  trailing/tracking the stranger.  For us, this boils down to a brief class exercise where we leave our classroom for thirty minutes, select a stranger and follow, parsing enough time to […]

Invisible. Territories: Disappearance as Material

Above. Something that disappears but not quite.  Fake skin and an atomic flash swap with paper and camera, as far as the means of documentation go. If you wish my young men to stop raiding Texas, perhaps you should move Texas to where they cannot find it. —Ten Bears, Comanche chief, 1872 We are not […]