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Final Critiques: Post your Date! Post your Method!

Dear Folks, We. Come. To. An End. Three more classes AND for those who have any voluntary desire to meet on the last Sunday before class for a longer critique….that is also an option. It will be in Greenpoint and there will be no penalties for not attending. Tea will be provided for those with […]

Updates, final projects, here and here.

The Evolution of Reception,1518,727971,00.html This, just in, from an archeologist friend, traces the reception of the object. Note the evolution of site, accidental and co-opted. This trajectory distends its critical context. And the original work…is it bloated by context, saved by it, or would you name this process otherwise? See slide show.

A Host of Questions on How Your Project Can Permutate

Several weeks ago, we spoke of ways to shift, distend, re-regulate the breathing of your projects.  You were asked to reconfigure your project in a manner that would allow it to occur yearly. You were to imagine your project’s ability to channel the syncope, and so forth. Please post those analysis/examinations/ fantasies here. Phoebe was […]