Radical Citizenship: San Francisco

Photo: Huong Ngo

Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials began on Governor’s Island, New York; however, it was originally intended that both coasts would be simultaneously activated. Easch set of tutorials overlapped in September when Southern Exposure, located in San Francisco, hosted Radical Citizenship.

The image above features Huong Ngo and Hong-An Truong’s tutorial, AND, AND, AND – stammering: Interview/Interrogation as Performance of Citizenship. The image to the right features the organizer and another performer/tutor Adriana Camarena looking over the barrier into Ngo and Truong’s ‘cubicle’.

Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials- San Francisco

Multiple tutorials were simultaneously held in a suspended structure that apes the office cubicle. It was constructed of plywood initially attached to the outside of an Oakland business just before the announced verdict of  Officer Mehserle shooting of an unarmed man on the Bay Area subway, Oscar Grant. Responses to the verdict ranged from peaceful to violent. Afterwords, the remaining plywood was plastered with advertisements, as if passerbys had no memory of its original purpose. Below, the plywood attached to an Oakland business. After  Southern Exposure’s exhibition, the plywood was incorporated into new internal walls of the restaurant at this site.


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