We invite you to participate in the Feminist Read-A-Thon.
This February Anhoek School, is conducting a Feminist-Read-A-Thon to help students take courses free of charge and pay teachers fairly for their labor. Anhoek is a nomadic and experimental school with small classes (a limit of seven students per class), and teachers who are invested in challenging the power structures inherent in how people are taught and what they are taught. Since April of 2009, we have held six courses and two public lectures in Denmark and in Texas, and hosted three teachers. We aim to educate without our students incurring debt. Initially, we operated on a barter system but have found that many potential students have low-paying full-time jobs and/or family duties that prevent them from bartering. Please assist by volunteering to be a reader or sponsoring another reader. The forms above contain all of the relevant details. We encourage you to contact us with questions and feedback at

With adequate funding, we will be able to offer Two Week Spanish Intensive: When My Tongue is More Problem Than Tool (Spanish acquisition outside of capitalist frameworks) held in Texas; Slowness:The Aesthetics of Time (held in NYC), a participatory sound course that is taught in exponential increments; and a women’s health workshop co-taught by a gynecologist and a historian.

Why a read-a-thon? Why ‘feminist’ and why ‘fiction’? Our reasons are both practical and scholarly. A read-a-thon as fundraiser retains the possibilities of conversation and transmission: each reader potentially discusses what they have read and why with their sponsors. Because the cultural relevancy of books, feminists, and fictions is intermittently under fire, we take this opportunity to investigate.

Thank you for your consideration.
Sincerely yours,

Mary Walling Blackburn


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