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class #3: The History of Printed Materials

FIELD TRIP: Barnard College Library¬† Zine Collection and Printed Matter The ever-present chimera– the end of the printed word: books will come to an end, or so they say. Are we indulging in Writing’s swan song? Maybe. How does language mediate the image? Does the image lean into the word? What is the relation, never […]

Field Trip: Printed Matter (class #3)

PRINTED MATTER Given that PM’s hours and our class hours do not align, together we will determine an alternate time for a class visit. Here, you will behold a variety of DIY publications and alternate methods of dissemination. “Printed Matter is the world”s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists. […]

Class #2: Excess, Stain and Gap

Assignment: Create a calendar (seasonal/daily/solar year) that features your work in relation to duration. What happens to the garment over time perceptually and literally (stain and gap and excess)? What was the literal process and its length of time in regards to producing each material the garment’s production requires? Why should these means of production […]

Class 2: Excess and Gap and Stain

READINGS Roland Barthes: an excerpt from the Fashion Reader anthology on the garment that gaps… (hand-out) Richard Von Krafft-Ebbing: Excerpt from Psychopathis Menstrualis (online) Adrienne Kennedy: A Lesson in Dead Language (hand-out) Video Pina Bausch: Rite of Spring Can’t Swallow It Can’t Spit It Out (2006): Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn Menstruation Machine by Sputniko […]

The Ass: An Organizing Principle

IMAGE: Smuggler, Ceuta, Spain/ Morrocco. The first class will be divided into three parts: an introduction to the history of DIY materials and more specifically, the ‘zine; a discussion of Freud, the fetish, and fashion; and of course, an introduction to the subject, class materials, and one another. READINGS Suzan-Lori Parks: The Rear End Exists […]