Course Objectives:

* To self-produce a variety of media that operate outside of mainstream media sources in regards to production values, dissemination methods, and content.
* To expand one’s sense of who produces fashion and its media and incorporate that dilated sensibility into the work
* To develop an alternate text for the garment that is not merely a description or sales data.
* To begin to investigate what is excised from mainstream fashion dialogue and return that language to the medium or invent yet another manner of describing the path of the garment.


that clean, well-designed assignments that mimic mainstream media will not suffice. There must be some element of intellectual risk and conceptual expansion.

that you can always speak with me about the assignment and how you wish to pervert it towards other ends than perhaps was initially laid bare.

that all materials must be disseminated out into the world and that this dissemination must be documented.

Recall that you will receive multiple grades for each aspect of the assignment: content, conceptual, aesthetic, process and effort,  execution,  documentation.

Class 1: Mouths, Hands, Asses and other Unstable Territories (Anatomy as an Organizing Principle in Zine Content) (January 24)

Our first class will be divided into three parts:

  • an introduction to  class pedagogy, class materials, class protocal
  • a discussion of course objectives and shared fantasies of the material
  • an introduction to an anatomical investigation (in this case, the buttocks)

Assignment: To produce and disseminate a zine that takes a singular body part as its organizing principal by February 7th. A

Class 2:  The Library is/is not Burning: FIELD TRIP: Barnard Library Zine Collection and Printed Matter
Thursday.  February 3rd. 300 PM at Barnard

By their own admission, Printed Matter “is the world”s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists.”

Barnard Library Zine Collection:

Assignment Due: Submit micro-essay on hair (a triangulation of the Freud text on Fetish, the Cabinet event on ‘hair’, and your own research/opinions)

Class 3: Anatomical Zine (February 7)

Assignment Due:  Submit Zine for class review. Bring 5 copies as we shall break up into groups, as well as discuss the zines as a whole class.

In Class: Review and Critique
Contract for revision and dissemination

Class 4: Excess, Gap and Stain: The Half-Life of the Garment and the Duration of Your Attention (February 14)

Assignment Due: Revision of Zine based on critique and documentation of distribution of at least 20 zines

Assignment: Create a calendar (seasonal/daily/solar year) that features your work in relation to duration.  Media: Paper or Video

(Please interpret duration a number of ways:

  1. what happens to the garment over time and how does it describe the contact between object and event.
  2. How do we lengthen our viewers’ attention span and why
  3. How do we return the gaze to the object again
  4. Investigate partnership with object vs. a fleeting consumption)

Class 5:  CLASS CANCELLED for FIELD TRIP on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 26th. Swiss Institute 3:30 PM

A guided tour of Karlheinz Weinberger Intimate Stranger, led by artist, curator, and critic Collier Schorr.  Convene at  Swiss Institute at 3:30.  Class will end at 6:30

Class 6:  GUEST Artist Julia Sherman: The Habit Project
and The Invention of Wanting: the Mail-Order Catalog (February 28)

Assignment Due: Submit a calendar (seasonal/daily/solar year) that features your work in relation to duration.  Media: Paper or Video

MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT:  Produce an indiscrete catalog of garments that complicates its relation to market and consumption  Media: Video, Paper, Internet

Class 7  Review (March 7)

Critique Calendars
Discuss MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT:  Produce an indiscrete catalog of garments that complicates its relation to market and consumption  Media: Video, Paper, Internet

Discuss Final Assignment, group and individual

Class 9: A body, a parcel, a postcard, cross the line. (Communicating with/against/near the subaltern and correspondence under the radar.) (March 21)

Iranian and Afghani night letters, fluxus and mail art, Thomas/Thomasine Hall: 17th Century Hermaphrodite, Virginia Colony. Karlheinz Weinberger

Submit Final Project Proposal.

Class 10: GUEST Artist AK Burns and Katie Hubb: Brown Bear at Recess (March 28)

Class 11: Critique Postcards.  (April 4)

Class 12: GUEST: Badlands Press (April 11)

Class 13 and 14: FINAL PRESENTATIONS (April 18 & 25)

Final Group Assignment:  A collective anatomical catalog (video or paper)

Readings are primarily hand-outs or available on the internet.
Some Readings listed below. Assigned as we progress. Subject to change.

Suzan-Lori Parks: The Rear End Exists (hand-out)
Georges Bataille: Solar Anus
Sigmund Freud, “FETISHISM” (1927) Miscellaneous Papers, 1888-1938. Vol. 5 of Collected Papers. 5 vols. London: Hogarth and Institute of Psycho-Analysis, 1924-1950. 198-204. (Hand-out)
Butt Magazine (purchase at Printed Matter, Spoonbill and Sugartown, and St, Mark’s Bookstore)
Sample images of cosmetic surgeries to the buttocks (hand-out) Designing beneath clothing.

Roland Barthes: an excerpt from the Fashion Reader anthology on the garment that gaps… (hand-out)
Richard Von Krafft-Ebbing: Excerpt from Psychopathis Menstrualis (online)
Adrienne Kennedy: A Lesson in Dead Language (hand-out)

“Artist Questionnaire: 21 Responses”: October: Vol. 100, Obsolescence (Spring, 2002)
Tacita Dean (page 26) (aura of obsolescence)
Pierre Huyghe (page 34) (the disappearance of the narrator)
Luis Camnitzer (page 81) (to build obsolescence into the work)
Zoe Leonard (page 89) (to trace the source of the object)

Tom Boellstorff: Zines and Zones of Desire: Mass-Mediated Love, National Romance, and Sexual Citizenship in Gay Indonesia
Jessica Rosenberg and Gitana Garofalo: Riot Grrrl: Revolutions from within


Moreover, as a class, we came to a consensus on the first day of class that our work shall be subject to these categorical valuations:

1. Conceptual
2. Aesthetic
3. Execution
4. Content
5. Documentation
6. Process and Effort


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