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PUBLIC ACCESS (details for your submission)

Mattie Looks for Steve Biko by Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, 1990 (In this collage, Tsinhnahjinnie is imagining another sort of television. Both subjects, are generally not touching one another in a local context. Biko was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He was murdered while in police custody. The little girl, a North […]

Class #2: One Possible Departure Point (based on Being Given)

A. Let’s keep operating under the artifice that Being Given is a video. It is a video that depends on one singular scene that is in motion because of one floating detail (waterfall). Construct a singular image that is robust enough to sustain return glances and a sustained broadcast. Mr. Pastor 77’s  aesthetic economy is […]

Class #2: Being Given: A Field Trip in Excess

ABOVE: Julie provided an image of Being Given in the throws of a secret twenty year production period. REQUIRED READING: The Portrait of the Pubescent Girl: A Rite of Non-Passage. Forthcoming Books, 2011 (available for download as a PDF file here). VOLUNTARY FIELD TRIP: We travel together (by bus) to view Marcel Duchamp’s  Etant donnes […]

Class #1: Afro Gothic and then Detroit’s Heavy Metal…

From our First class: CONTROL: A Study in Co-Option As you determine what you wish to make in this class, know that you do not have to be loyal to  contemporary NYC art sources/aesthetics. Notice that Mathambo has drawn from an alternate lineage (not the local)  and then inverted it towards his local […]

A Sample of Public Access Works

To peruse…

Phop Suk (Meet Happiness) A Possible Exercise

The itinerant comedians go by the name of Jokers. In the 1980’s, they serviced the working class ( typically taxi drivers, call girls,  construction workers, blue-collar employees )of Bangkok, working multiple clubs in a singular night; costume changes take place in the parking lots. According to Mary L. Grow, the Jokers synthesized mythic Thai narratives […]

Human Head Cake Box Murder (field trip)

After meeting at Cooper Union, we shall gather at the MET (1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street) for our first class. We shall continue to the Night Visions exhibition where two elements strike as potentially useful: how do others struggle with the absence of light and shunting down of vision as sculptural and performative medium; […]