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New Readings

Readers, Friday, we meet, again, at school…unless you have an off- site class site  in mind that you think suits the context of us hashing out the details as to how to organize for our in-house production of television shows. We will need to be speaking and reading. We shall utilize  Claudia Rankine’s  “Don’t Let […]

Public Access Television Screening Times of Our Work

Our Contact at Public Access Reports: “Here’s the air dates I’ve gotten. I’ll let you know tomorrow who’s stuff is going to be airing on the 18th.” Tue, 10/18 at 8 PM, channel 34  (Jacki, Shawn, Ariel, Lydia, Noemie) Fri, 10/21 at 8 PM, channel 34 Mon, 10/24 at 8 PM, channel 34 Mon, 10/31 […]

Footage: African-Americans Gaining More Access to Television Commercials (1968)

The belittled and cast aside television ad, at one point, is an access point. Here, a talent agant, both mocks the positions available to African-American  actors as she jockeys for them. At this point, we may wish to mock the manipulations of the capital machine that attempts to convince the consumer that they are just […]

Marcel Duchamp Vs. Rocky Balboa (class politics, folks)

A Return to Duchamp…perhaps you recall the moment when I asked us to analyze the vagina (in Etant Donnes). Perhaps my question was drowned out by the pulsing soundtrack that accompanied our outdoor gathering. As a class we were reticent. Below, you will find an article that analyzes this body in relationship to class and […]

Post your Public Access Selection Link and Text Here

Please post your selection for the Public Access screening here along with your text as a comment here. This will allow us to efficiently organize the excerpts for the screening. Please specify the station and its location, as well as title. Make up a title if none exists. Thanks.

Auxilliary Materials for Class #4

TEXT: Claudia Rankine’s  Don’t Let Me Be Lonely  (Pay attention to the attention she pays to television (as cult object, as sedative, as soundtrack, as balm, as text, as ____). VIDEO: The New Wave (1973) Part 1. Created by WGBH Boston  Are his positions still salient? Can you threaten the balance of power via dissemination? […]

Class #4: A Regional Curation of Public Access

On October 7th, from 2:30 to 4:00, our class will screen an hour and a half of public access videos at The Spectacle theater in Williamsburg. Please attempt to get to the theater by 2. I know that transit from Cooper must be accounted for, 230 at latest.Class will end at 5. – select a […]

Class #3: Unauthorized spectatorship (field trip)

Cooper Coterie, Class #3 aimed to introduce: to observe one example of unauthorized spectatorship to analyze one model for operating outside of traditional means of support (grants/galleries/wealthy patronage) to suss out just where artists’ aims and existing residents’ desires break down/fall apart/deviate Other sundry aims: The Test Audience  The  gaps in your initial efforts will […]