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Protected: Factory

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Protected: Confusarella on MNN

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End Notes II

Please consider posting the texts/sound files/otherwise remains of your critiques with fellow students here. It is plausible that some have requested that their critique remain private; their dialogue will not surface here. For example, I have written a letter as critique to Lydia, as per her request to each of us. She has elected for […]

End Notes: Playboy After Dark. Funk Lessons. Love and Community. Jalal, Again.

Wednesday is our final class.We shall meet where we began, at school. This is what all of you collectively decided at the end of our class at MNN. The school has what we need this time. The institution does not necessarily institutionalize us. Some would like to bring food. Some would like to make themselves […]

February 17th, a trial

A former student goes to trial on February 17th. Today she and 150 were arraigned at the court house in Manhattan. These people were arrested for protesting the economic inequity in the United States and abroad. She began protesting months ago. Then the cold re-organized the motions. But still, a legal process unfurls. It is […]

Protected: After Cannibalism (Still Life)

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Critique: Tyler, Priscilla, Julie, Moriah

Strike “Fantasy Critique” from the record. We start again to determine another form of responding to work made. Noemi has suggested that we all post suggestions of how one could respond to the works and then each of us selects a suggested method posed by another and realizes it. No dissent was registered at the […]

Suggestions for Last Class Location

Together, we should determine what makes sense in regards to our class. 1. Some suggested a home. Which home? a student’s? My studio/basement? Another? 2. Some suggested the school. It offers what we need. 3. Some hoped to think of something that resonated with the course work. These folks use the mountain.  

The Gradient. The Mark. The Result. The Letter. The End. How?

We are coming to the (institutional) end of this course. The institution requires a grade and the teacher is required to dispense a mark.  How shall we calculate?  Do we award perfect attendance (he was always physically present/ she was always mentally present)? Are we able to calculate the number of hours a student worked […]

More on Other Forms of Critique: Its an Ocean (this topic)

NOTE TO CLASS: Read Aloud or It Breaks Down.  Read aloud until it breaks down.  If I Told Him, A Completed Portrait of Picasso BY GERTRUDE STEIN             If I told him would he like it. Would he like it if I told him.             Would he like it would Napoleon would Napoleon would would he […]

DELEUZE here. Control vs. Discipline. Our Explication

Dear Scholars, Natasha Marie Llorens will lead our class in a television broadcast discussion on Friday about social practice as a medium and how the Deleuze we read but did not discuss figures into it. Please post your explicating , video, or text here so NML can take a look at how you are interpreting […]

Fantasy Critique

The class  collectively believes there are some imperfections in the form of the art critique .  Yet, this  form is all they know.The class’s list of what critique presently claims to be is overarching and sometimes specific. The classroom’s list of what critique could be is truncated. But how do we invent forms external to […]

The Reality of the Critique (as relayed by the members of the class)

Critique as a form is central to our class. A member of the class (A.) requested that we back-up, convene, and analyze just  how critique functions in this institution. (MWB transcribed because she  is not of the institution and is only passing through.) The students relay: THIS INSTITUTION: CRITIQUE YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR YOUR […]