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Porfirio Diaz. Serge Gainsbourg. Same Graveyard.

unedited notes. London. March 28. 2012 A brief sense of the trip can be encapsulated by the oddness of bodies assembled in a Parisian graveyard: Brancusi. Cortazar. Gainesbourg. Duras. Diaz.The cognitive urge is to connect the dots but what sort of line is it that stupidly loops the corpses? I am still attempting to discern […]

Without Tenderness…a performance and object.

Without Tenderness will be performed and, say, installed at Undetectable at La Mama  Galleria  May 31- June 30  Curated by Nathan Lee:          

Maukin Bucks

Trees will bud even though the weather be raw and the cement thick. Ancient Robert Burns’ poems casually refer to ‘ little lambkins wanton wild’ or with a rawer tongue ” when maukin bucks, at early fucks/in dewy grass are seen.” The maukin is a cat or a hare. Here comes spring. Here is Spring. […]

2 of 24 Psychoanalytic Acts: Therapy for The End

2 of 23 Psychoanalytic Acts: Therapy for the End. Sound recording, shelf, cotton, clay, paint, unbroken geode, performance. Sarah Workneh and Abraham Adams perform in the roles of psychotherapist and patient as they listen over headphones to a prerecorded psychotherapy session and repeat the words in real time as they hear them. The patient is […]