Monthly Archives: April 2012

Black Milk Will Not Do.

Unedited notes. Beograd. Train station. April 2012. Soundtrack: Serbian songs include anthem-like riffs initially mistaken as Ani Di Franco and Bruce Springsteen intros. Freud museum. London. Small bowl of fake strawberries on display refer to a dream, a night dream of the daughter spuriously crafted in plastic. a curatorial afterthought.  The stairs to the second […]

Ooh Foe

Ooh Foe, 2012. Performance and digital video documentation Physically tracing an old expat drug smuggling route through Europe to the Syrian border, my initial pursuit of the alien as expatriate became an investigation of the extraterrestrial as the strangest stranger. My initial proposal was derailed by civil wars and so I recalibrated and determined another set of actions to interrogate […]