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Beef Haus: Screening the Mirroring Line (a Matinee): November 2nd

Students of the Mirroring Line shall screen six short works at the Expo Park space, Beef Haus (833 Exposition Avenue) on November 2nd from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. These videos shall be conceived of and reworked in the context of a workshop led by visiting artist Senalka McDonald. Students: Please post your transcription of […]

Love Letter (from Dallas): your texts

Toufic pens a love letter. But he is aware that it heads not only to the hands of the locus of his affection, but to a greater public. Toufic pens a love letter. But it is not about the body he wishes to be in relation to alone- it is about the city that could […]

Forthcoming and in the Dust…(tardy updates)…performances, publications, and workshop

  “Colors/Teal,” Cabinet Magazine. Summer 2013 5 Minute Factory Merch Table.  Performance. Sculpture Center’s Block Party, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY  Forthcoming August 2013 5 Minute  Factory Merch Table.  Performance. CTSQ, Long Island City, NY May 2013 City Nude. Performance. Interdisciplinary Arts and the City: A Forum on Site and Social Spaces.   Southern Methodist […]

Read-A-Thons: the emotional fall-out

Dear Mirroring Line Collective: After successfully organizing the two read-a-thons, based on Badlands publications and held in The Holy Office, you now have two iterations of the same form to compare. Please post the texts you have written that compare the emotional experience of each text made oral.  Recall: two paragraphs for each and/or lists […]

Saddam + George Forever: A marathon reading of On Democracy by Saddam Hussein at the Holy Office

Listeners…join us. The collective body of the Mirroring Line will present… Saddam + George Forever: A marathon reading of On Democracy by Saddam Hussein at the Holy Office on Wednesday, October 9th, NOON to MIDNIGHT. Invited guests and members of the Mirroring Line will read all of Saddam Hussein’s On Democracy to the bitter […]