Extra Earth Analog

extra earth documentation

Extra Earth Analog, 2014. Printed matter.

Informed by the unfinished radical project of post-colonial critical theory, “The Extra Earth Analog” is an A to Z compendium of critical reflections regarding the strangest stranger: the extraterrestrial and/or the expatriate. It aims to make unstable the social energies that work to contain and normalize the alien and expatriate, in both their galactic and terrestrial modes.

Alien, used here, holds both senses of the word; alien as an extraterrestrial and alien as a traveler from another nation. Not so weightless or so harmless, the alien-ed figure finds itself slotted into categories—such as disaffected backpacker or benign businessman—produced to subdue its threat to social order. Perhaps our intervention will productively confuse these categories. The freewheeling tourist or adventuresome artist is not too stoned to be a colonist.

Let us endeavor to contaminate the safe and self-righteous ways in which we compartmentalize the alien. Together, let’s wantonly move towards and provoke these unstable categories. (The use of the word wantonly is deliberate — the etymology points towards an engagement with rebellious, sexual and violent play, but more importantly, an embrace of bad training.)



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