I’m “Bad”…? (news 2014)


                     Anita Bryant, pied.


Failing to Levitate.  EFA, NY, NY. June 1-July 1, 2014

My Strangest Stranger. UAG/UCSD, San Diego, California.  March 13th-May 9 2014

The Artists’ Commission. Grey Matter Gallery. Dallas, TX. November 2013


“Sister Apple, Sister Pig”. E-Book.  E-Flux Journal. March, 2014

The Making of Americans: A Marathon Reading of Gertrude Stein’s Novel. Brooklyn, NY. January 25

The Flash Made Flesh” with AB Huber, Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy, Volume 3.

(NewYork, New York: Triple Canopy. January 2014)

“Odor is Speech,” The Second World Congress of Free Artists. In Three Acts by Camel Collective.

(Arhus, Denmark: Arhus Kusthal. October 2013)

“Checklist [apocalyptic ecology]”Ugly Duckling Press broadsheet, Brooklyn, NY. Forthcoming 2014


Featured Artist. Extra Earth Analog, Pastelegram. Print Issue #5. March 2014

“Begin Civil Dawn,”  Monsters and Dust.  February 2014

Andres Laracuente. Interview: “Anal Prophecy,” Semigloss Magazine. Issue #4. December 2013

“Anhoek School,” Educational Outliers. socialtextjournal.org. October 31, 2014

I’m Bad…http://youtu.be/tmFph8QLLFw


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