Anhoek School: Correspondence Course: Revolutionary Year 222: A Series of Exercises Regarding Space

SONY DSCThe director of Anhoek School will be teaching a required first year undergraduate Foundations course entitled “Spaces”  this Fall at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. The materials for this course will be crafted in a manner that invites others, under the auspices of the Anhoek School to participate/organize their own sections in locations extraneous to the university. This invitation runs counter to the contemporary iteration of the university as corporation and the academic course as university property; it eschews  measures that confine access to experimental pedagogy to elite demographics. It will not utilize Blackboard, an academic software that privatizes course resources.

The Anhoek School Correspondence Course, will exchange the bureaucratic title “Spaces” for  Revolutionary Year 222 (in keeping with the French Republican Calendar). Space is time and it is filled with bodies.


Image: Purple Atmosphere #4, Santa Barbara, CA, 1969, fireworks, © Judy Chicago, photo courtesy of Through the Flower archives


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