Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 2

We shall meet outdoors.

Cliff Notes: Land as exhibition space. Replication as form of Critique. Campus as studio.

Exercise 1: When you arrive, place your drawing on the lawn or gravel. Keep moving drawings as they arrive, attempting different configurations, until all members of the class have arrived or it has been ten minutes after the hour.

Exercise 2: Critique as Replication: Redraw the work. After you have redrawn it, discuss with initial maker:

1. accuracy of replication. 2.  copyright 3. property 4. territory 5. ownership 6. repetition 7. androids 8. simulacra 10. drones 11. factory 12. stepford wives 13. waves 14. twins

Exercise 3: Make one or 14 field recordings on campus that contain or attend to replication, property, androids, factory, waves…and so on. Return to class after one hour with a 14 to 20 minute recording.

Exercise 4: Replication as Critique: Re-record another’s recording using only a singular human body and the sounds it can make to comment on the sounds received. Your opinion should be embedded in the execution of the sounds made.




Image (above): Paul McCarthy’s “Complex Shit”

Listen to The New England Phonographers Union

See Piero Manzoni’s “Artist’s Shit” []

Read Nance Klehm’s “Humble Pile”:

Look at Mierle Ukeles Laderman’s “The Social Mirror” (1983) (search internet. Multiple images on various sites)

MAKING: 1. Select a human resource (electricity, gas, internet, blood, oil…anything other than human waste…)

2. Visit the site of its production (factory, tower, rig, blood bank/plasma center…) Make a field recording.

3. Bottle it. Label bottle/can/jar/dufflebag/…

4. Bring bottle and sound recording to class.




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