Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 4

Meet us in the  2nd floor hallway.

Exercise 1-7:

Choose one of your possible studio sites. Remake the site on campus:

in miniature

as fracked

as crime scene

as bower nest

as stolen territory

with a material that disappears

After one hour, together we will travel to each site as it has been reproduced on campus.

Exercise 8: Squatting as Critique

Take a photograph or a sound file produced at another’s studio/site. Draw/ mark the residue of yourself occupying/inhabiting the site directly onto the photo. What mark mark’s you as guest, as stranger, as intruder, as squatter, as lover, as ghost? Which mark provides what instruction to the artist? How should they re-enter their selected site after you have marked it? How can they make again? Whose site is it anyway?

Homework: Choose one of the five sites you formerly selected to function as your studio. (Return there. Wait. What is the site asking of you? How should you return?)

Bring another there. Invite them for a studio visit.  What does that mean? Dialogue. A Kiss.  Commerce. You hold the visitor’s hair back while the visitor vomits. Bottled water, next time. The visitor asks if this work is on archival quality paper? No, because we live in the 6th Extinction. Nothing is going to last.

Notes: Miniature Room Room Tone  (Lori Tally); Nutshell Studies (Frances Glessner Lee); Susan Stewart (On Longing); Comancheria, Ten Bears, and property as abstraction, Mike Wolf’s miniature police line barrier; Midwestern Radical Cultural Corridor


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