Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 6

Cliff Notes: Late Capitalist production space (example: bedroom as studio); property as sculptural material; body instead of hammer (cheaper tools)


You performed the studio visit. A body came with your body to a space and exchange occurred. I am making it basic, basic on purpose. The “studio” was a site that you designated as separate from daily upkeep (sleeping, eating, defecating, cleansing, working for money). Some of you might add that “studio” is separate from praying fucking, medicating, and exercising. What is gained by these separations and what is lost?

When you arrive make a written list of what is gained and what is lost.

IN CLASS (meet in classroom; attend to above meditation; decamp for bedroom/studio)

Head to your bedroom. Make an inventory of everything you own. From items there construct a carrying structure that will allow you to carry as many of your own objects with you at once. Your possessions are a sculpture entitled Beast of Burden. Take an hour to build it. Carry it with your body to the classroom. Install. Tack Inventory list to wall. Assess work by cost of items. By scale of items. Determine grade by cost and weight. Is that fair?  Why re you still invested in measurement? Decide whether you will auction off thee things at this moment. Decide what you will trade with other students in the room. Decide what remains yours. Pack up.

REFERENCES: The Dung Beetle,  Mary Mattingly, Martha Rosler’s ORIGINAL Yard Sale, Dawn Kaspar,  Gordon Matta-Clark’s Property.

HOMEWORK (for roughly TWO WEEKS)

Head  to the Isa Genzken show at the DMA. Pay attention to how mass-produced consumer objects are fused and integrated into sculptural pieces. Make five  fast sketches of the assemblages that fuse mass-produced objects while there. Return to room. As you arrange your space what objects can still function but still be sutured into new relations?

Place all of your possessions into your room. Every four days  rearrange to optimize one of these characteristics (this transformation shall occur 3 times):

1. sleep. cessation. night

2. labor. capital. construction. aggression.

3. rapture. swoon. hold. gasp.

4. consumption. swallow. fill.

5. spirit. prayer. ghost. haunting

Please document each iteration. Choose one way:

A. Document each iteration with a two minute video. Be sure that each video is shot precisely the same way (lighting, angle, cuts).

B. Document each iteration with the materials that  best encapsulate the concept organizing the assemblage.







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