Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 8 and Class 9 and Class 10


We shall engage in a three hour critique of all works to date for two days. Below is a brief primer on the pitfalls and glories of the practice within institution.

Glossary: The Art School Critique and its Emotional Territories (Coursing Between Students and Teachers) (Promises, Possibilities and Devastations)

Aggression, overt; sublimated; menstrual; cocksure

Aimlessness, decried; lauded

Ambition, raw and distorted

Ambivalence, towards the object; towards the ephemeral

Anal Stage

Anticipation, of your moment

Anxiety, runs through

Attention, free-floating

Belief: as masked; as mocked; as envied

Betrayal: by the teacher; by peers; of self

Boredom, as atmosphere vs. material

Claustrophobia, as combated by recusing oneself to the restroom

Compliance: to the will of the mob/class; to the will of personal manias

Composure, please

Compulsion, repetition.

Concern; for object, for self; no

Confessions: awkward; unmediated; unintegrated

Construction of obstacles, make it bigger.

Control, magical; defensive

Cure, possible

Desire, for total affirmation (all-loving mother); for repair (art as trade)

Destruction: of line of flight

Ego, as intermediary surface; critique channeled through.


Experience, fantasy of

False Self

Fathers, as model for the power structure within the classroom


Future, is in their critics hands

Genius as bogeyman in the classroom; guilt that one is not genius

Humiliation as bogeyman

Improvisation, as bust or boon

Infant: solitude of; sucking and relation to breast

Jokes, as salve. See also Laughter

Kissing, as a way to imagine the relation between object and viewer

Knowing, unknowing/ not knowing

Love, as foreign to the critique process; the possibility of L. in critique

Mourning, of student as obstruction to receiving critique

Narcissism, of teacher; of student.

Nourishment, without food.

Objects: of fear; sexual; of knowledge; of love and hate; disregard and destruction of; of worry; good; transformational; absence of

Observation, as ideal

Orality, as privelaged

Pain, of non-reaction

Paranoia, of swiped idea

Privacy, undone

Protest, to critique as bad etiquette

Recognition, of some kind of beauty

Repetition, compulsion (rewarded)

Resistance, paramount

Ruthlessness, fetishized

Storytelling, as perceived digression

Suadade, as obstruction to perception of the work

Trust: illusory; performed; pursued; touched upon

Unhappiness, as mirage (in relation to production)

Unpleasure, as mirage (in relation to production)

Use: of instincts; of symptoms; of worries; of objects; of language

Wish (es): to be understood; punishment for; desire and; for obstacles

Yes; a critique based on

Yet; as apology for work to come

– published in “Draw It With Your Eyes Closed: The Art of the Art Assignment:Paper Monument: 2012.


For those who are following remotely, I encourage a ‘guerilla’ installation of works made to date and the construction of audience and dialogue on your own terms.




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