Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 10

CRITIQUE of objects…Construction of Spatial Methodologies


1. All arrive at the school at 3 with all drawings, sculptures, paintings (all still objects produced to date this Fall).

2. The room is cleared of all materials because we will read all of the objects by way of the objects that are near to them. They rope one another into meaning.

3. Together we will decide where all of these objects are placed and how.

4. Together we will determine a method based on the space we are in, its histories, and our own. We will write these down.

5. Together we shall read Walls  by Georges Perec.

6. Should we revise our methodologies based on this text?

7. Together, we will listen to author  Bhanu Kapil read aloud about territories, spaces, bodies ( Can we extract a spatial methodology of display from what we listen to?

8. Now, now, an hour later we will begin to arrange the works based on a spatial methodology invented by the class.

9. Now we will assess the works and the method. Can one be extracted from the other?


Find the biggest rock you can safely carry.

Consider its formal properties: surface, scale, weight.

Make the rock pure.

Research its history (geology, cultural assignations).

Document the rock. Prepare to install the rock on campus based on horizon, night sky, solstice, equinox, elements.

Prepare a dossier for the rock.

Bring the rock to class. Bring its carefully prepared dossier. Thanks.




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