Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 9

CRITIQUE of STUDIO (field recordings of the studio site-tested)




Please bring all of the sound works produced to date to the train station at 3:20 (field recordings and otherwise). Have all of your soundworks loaded onto a portable audio system with headphones (shuffle, walkmen, etceteras). Be sure to have one hour of recorded materials. Test device three times before you arrive. Be sure battery is full.
Hand device to another student and instruct them as to how it works. Test together. When the train arrives, we will all board. We shall all be listening to another’s field recordings.At 4:20 we will exit the train. Ww will take a break. We will write down any extraneous thoughts we have about the sound/trip
At 4:30 we will board a train in the opposite direction. We will write as we ride.
Here are some options:
1. Note every shift in the recording as it progresses. Create a visual score.
2. Note every moment that the landscape and the score merge (include number of minutes and seconds from the station where the score began).
3. Note every moment that you forgot to listen as soon as you realize that you drifted.. Make a record of drifting. Record the exact minutes and seconds from the originating station.
Can these notations be converted into a score to be followed by a dancer or musician?
At 5:20 we shall return to the original station. Take 20 minutes to write a note to the student who produced these field recordings. Attach your notes. Consider these questions when writing your note:
1. When is an experience an object? When does the object begin and end? (Can I sell it?!) Is sound an object and if so, when?
2. When is a field recording enough? Was this enough? Was this too much?
3. Was this a human experience? Was this a technological experience? Was I able to think about studio (the fact of it, the need for it)?
4. How were you listening? With your whole body? Just ears? Is anything else possible? Did you refuse to listen? What is good about refusal?
5. Was this a shared experience? How?
Return all materials to the student who made the recording. S/he will bring these to class.
Take the score produced by your listener.
Find a dancer or a musician to perform the score on campus (in a public area within the campus).
Be sure to email all classmates and the art department- telling them exactly when and where the score is being performed over the next four days.

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