Hecate’s Necklace (Speculative Numismatics)


Hecate’s Necklace [Numismatics], 2014. Coins, enamel, digital animation.

Hecate, goddess of the City Poor and the Mother of Ghosts, wears a necklace of severed testicles. What values shift if we replace the bust of one depressed American president with one small pair of balls painted in enamel? Speculative numismatics imagines and circulates the vision of an alternate society by disfiguring existing currency. It’s nuts.

Hecate’s Necklace, consisting of 31 coins scattered across the globe, operates within David Horvitz’s multi-prongedCigarette Beetle. Cigarette Beetle amalgamates a number of artists’ works and seeds them through the world’s libraries, including The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City), MOMA, PNCA library and 28 others Horvitz has not disclosed to date.

Another iteration of the project saw the necklace realized as an animation:


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