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Iconoclast: Dallas ’74

Course Reading: Week One Advertisements

Traveler’s Dick

Image credit: Mary Walling Blackburn, (Contaminated) Sermon Chart, 2015. Courtesy of the CCA Wattis Institute, photos by Beryl Bevilacque.

♂ Anti-Fertility Garden

In response to the punitive reproductive rights legislation recently meted out by the Texas state government, a male anti-fertility garden was planted in the yard of Sala Diaz, an exhibition space in San Antonio, Texas. The garden contains elements of plants alleged to cause temporary to permanent sterility in men, including neem, papaya, cotton and myrtle. Some of […]


ESVMID, 2015. Inkjet prints, digital C-prints, Kartell Crystal Ghost Stool, walrus penis bone, chair mat, ink, website. ESVMID is a networked art project in two parts. The first part is an online speculative archive that catalogues visualizations of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s lost ivory dildo. The speculative archive will contain over 30 visualizations of ESVM’s […]

Hecate’s Necklace (Speculative Numismatics)

Hecate’s Necklace [Numismatics], 2014. Coins, enamel, digital animation. Hecate, goddess of the City Poor and the Mother of Ghosts, wears a necklace of severed testicles. What values shift if we replace the bust of one depressed American president with one small pair of balls painted in enamel? Speculative numismatics imagines and circulates the vision of an alternate society by […]

#1 First exercises

class #1 Blindly replicate cave drawings on scroll while watching Herzog’s treatment of the prehistoric hand. (30 minutes) Select another’s blind cave replica and attempt to reproduce it. Analyze what falls apart. (5 minutes) Introduction exercise. Each will draw their very first memory. (15 minutes) Homework: Make a sketchbook out of strictly found materials. class […]

Unreal Lines, Real Feelings

Introduction to Drawing: Unreal Lines, Real Feelings COURSE DESCRIPTION Subjects of Research: Artist as Subject, Artist as Model, Cave Drawings, Copying and Replicating (Human Xerox Machine), Drawing Machines, Drawing as Sensation, History of Drawing, Non-Perspective Drawing, Real-ish Things (The Still Life).   Even as we engage traditional structures of approaching the mark (artist model, still-life, […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 10

CRITIQUE of objects…Construction of Spatial Methodologies PHYSICAL DIRECTIONS: 1. All arrive at the school at 3 with all drawings, sculptures, paintings (all still objects produced to date this Fall). 2. The room is cleared of all materials because we will read all of the objects by way of the objects that are near to them. […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 9

CRITIQUE of STUDIO (field recordings of the studio site-tested)   ___________________________________________________ PHYSICAL DIRECTIONS: Please bring all of the sound works produced to date to the train station at 3:20 (field recordings and otherwise). Have all of your soundworks loaded onto a portable audio system with headphones (shuffle, walkmen, etceteras). Be sure to have one hour […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 8

CRITIQUE THE STUDIO PHYSICAL DIRECTIONS: 1. Install all videos (on your laptop)  and photographs (black and white standard printer paper printed flush (no borders)) produced for this course to date. If you do not have a laptop, check out a loaner from the ‘tech shack’ in advance. We shall not use photo paper because these […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 8 and Class 9 and Class 10

CRITIQUE We shall engage in a three hour critique of all works to date for two days. Below is a brief primer on the pitfalls and glories of the practice within institution. Glossary: The Art School Critique and its Emotional Territories (Coursing Between Students and Teachers) (Promises, Possibilities and Devastations) Aggression, overt; sublimated; menstrual; cocksure Aimlessness, […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 7

  For those who are taking this course in a fixed location with me at helm, we shall meet at 3:45 pm at the DMA. Let us meet at this show: “Saturated” Dye Decorated Cloths from North and West Africa”. For those who are independently attending to this course from remote locations, here are several […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 5

For those who are experiencing this as a physical class grounded in location and time (M, W 3-6) in the Fall of 2014, this class will consist of a series of studio visits in our city. Details will be shared in the prior class.   For those who are piecing together a correspondence class for […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 6

Cliff Notes: Late Capitalist production space (example: bedroom as studio); property as sculptural material; body instead of hammer (cheaper tools) MEDITATION You performed the studio visit. A body came with your body to a space and exchange occurred. I am making it basic, basic on purpose. The “studio” was a site that you designated as separate […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 4

Meet us in the  2nd floor hallway. Exercise 1-7: Choose one of your possible studio sites. Remake the site on campus: in miniature as fracked as crime scene as bower nest as stolen territory with a material that disappears After one hour, together we will travel to each site as it has been reproduced on campus. […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 3

Meet in classroom. Cliff Notes: Fantasies of Control (presentation and space); Appropriation of “Public” Space; Observation as Criticism; Criticism as Treat and Knife; City as Space as Studio Exercise One (one hour): Bring materials to build pedestal without the use of the wood shop. Build pedestal. Install pedestal with sound recording and object in atrium. Exercise […]

Anhoek School: Revolutionary Year 222: Course: Class 2

We shall meet outdoors. Cliff Notes: Land as exhibition space. Replication as form of Critique. Campus as studio. Exercise 1: When you arrive, place your drawing on the lawn or gravel. Keep moving drawings as they arrive, attempting different configurations, until all members of the class have arrived or it has been ten minutes after […]

In Class Exercises: Class 1: Endangered Sound (Revolutionary Year 222/Anhoek School Correspondence Course)

  ENDANGERED SOUND: Class 1 Cliff Notes– Space: sonic. Sonic: extinction. Extinction: expression. Expression: measurement Measurement: drawing Exercise 1: Fugue At the threshold of the room: The first student to arrive is directed: 1. Don headphones. 2. Enter dimly lit room. 3. Listen to a sound sample: the Ōʻōʻāʻā.  4. Imitate the call of the Ōʻōʻāʻā  until the […]

Anhoek School: Correspondence Course: Revolutionary Year 222: A Series of Exercises Regarding Space

The director of Anhoek School will be teaching a required first year undergraduate Foundations course entitled “Spaces”  this Fall at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. The materials for this course will be crafted in a manner that invites others, under the auspices of the Anhoek School to participate/organize their own sections in locations extraneous to the […]

ditch. dawn. therapy for the end.

1980’s NYC Tax Records: Gowanus Canal   A performance of Mary Walling Blackburn’s “2 of 24 Psychoanalytic Acts: Therapy for the End” will take place this Sunday, May 18 at 5 a.m. at the Gowanus boat launch, located at the river end of 2nd St. (past its intersection with Bond St.), Brooklyn.In 2 of 24 […]