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Iconoclast: Dallas ’74

Course Reading: Week One Advertisements

Love Letter (from Dallas): your texts

Toufic pens a love letter. But he is aware that it heads not only to the hands of the locus of his affection, but to a greater public. Toufic pens a love letter. But it is not about the body he wishes to be in relation to alone- it is about the city that could […]

Client List as Artist Text

Griseldis Real’s “Black Book”, a client list that reveals the structure and texture of the economic relationship of cultural producer and consumer, is the template for an artist text. Produce an artist text that lists and lays bare your own relation to client and object. Post here if it does not compromise you. Otherwise email.


Greetings go-getter. Greetings fast talker. Greetings aggressive entrepreneur. Greetings swindler. Greetings hustler. Greetings grifter. Greetings con artist. Greetings scam artist. Greetings rip off artist. Greetings artist. Greetings streetwalker. Greetings whore.   Advising Faculty: Professor Mary Walling Blackburn Graduate Assistant: Willie Binnie Graduate Researchers: Tim Best Willie Binnie Isabella Bur Kate Jarboe Dylan Jones Anansi Knowbody […]