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Beef Haus: Screening the Mirroring Line (a Matinee): November 2nd

Students of the Mirroring Line shall screen six short works at the Expo Park space, Beef Haus (833 Exposition Avenue) on November 2nd from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. These videos shall be conceived of and reworked in the context of a workshop led by visiting artist Senalka McDonald. Students: Please post your transcription of […]

Read-A-Thons: the emotional fall-out

Dear Mirroring Line Collective: After successfully organizing the two read-a-thons, based on Badlands publications and held in The Holy Office, you now have two iterations of the same form to compare. Please post the texts you have written that compare the emotional experience of each text made oral.  Recall: two paragraphs for each and/or lists […]

HOLY OFFICE: Phaedrus Pron: A Read-A-Thon

Listeners…join us. The collective body of the Mirroring Line will present PHAEDRUS PRON READ-A-THON at the Holy Office on Wednesday, September 25th. NOON to MIDNIGHT. Invited guests and members of the Mirroring Line will read all 425 pages of Paul Chan’s Phaedrus Pron to the bitter end or midnight (whichever arrives first). Phaedrus Pron by […]

WEDNESDAY: the drawing room as per usual

Dear Gang, We will meet as per usual at the drawing room. I know for some of you that The Modern was impossible to reach within the given time frame. Those surplus hours can be posited towards a weekend visit I hope. Tomorrow: MWB To merge the lines made by bodies and sound:

Class 3: Sonic Lines: Sources

Ellen Fullman invented, the long string instrument. Fullman studied sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute. Tuned in just intonation, the long string instrument is played by walking along the length of incredibly long strings and rubbing them with rosined hands. This produces longitudinal vibrations, and her music explores the nodes of vibration. Her early pieces were […]

Homework Instructions: 9/11: These men draw. Attend an artist lecture, Tuesday or Wednesday night

Select one: WEDNESDAY 7 pm SMU: Alejandro Cesarco and/or TUESDAY 7 PM FORT WORTH MODERN: Francis Alys

Homework Instructions: 9/6: The Eternal Frame

Mark Makers: Your assignment crudely and succinctly explained: two observational drawings of and at a historic site in Dallas. Please read below for conceptual framing of the assignment. However, always keep in mind with this exercise: choose your materials carefully- that which makes the mark and that which the mark is made on. if the […]

In Class: Day 1: Translation of the Line: sources

The Mirroring Line: Interdisciplinary Mark Making

COURSE DESCRIPTION Interdisciplinary mark making  (be it movement, sculpture, sound, drawing, or text) will enable us to research the Mirroring Line; in other words, we shall locate and engage a series of borders (legal, social, physical, psychic, sonic, environmental, theoretical, and imaginary) that striate Dallas, its environs and the multiple communities that intersect this specific […]