ditch. dawn. therapy for the end.

1980’s NYC Tax Records: Gowanus Canal   A performance of Mary Walling Blackburn’s “2 of 24 Psychoanalytic Acts: Therapy for the End” will take place this Sunday, May 18 at 5 a.m. at the Gowanus boat launch, located at the river end of 2nd St. (past its intersection with Bond St.), Brooklyn.In 2 of 24 […]

I’m “Bad”…? (news 2014)

                     Anita Bryant, pied.   Failing to Levitate.  EFA, NY, NY. June 1-July 1, 2014 My Strangest Stranger. UAG/UCSD, San Diego, California.  March 13th-May 9 2014 The Artists’ Commission. Grey Matter Gallery. Dallas, TX. November 2013 BOOKS AND BROADSHEET “Sister Apple, Sister Pig”. E-Book.  E-Flux Journal. March, 2014 […]

Forthcoming and in the Dust…(tardy updates)…performances, publications, and workshop

  “Colors/Teal,” Cabinet Magazine. Summer 2013 5 Minute Factory Merch Table.  Performance. Sculpture Center’s Block Party, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY  Forthcoming August 2013 5 Minute  Factory Merch Table.  Performance. CTSQ, Long Island City, NY May 2013 City Nude. Performance. Interdisciplinary Arts and the City: A Forum on Site and Social Spaces.   Southern Methodist […]

Snofari (Winter Events)

The ‘sno-fari’, a term once spied in a small homemade  20th century Canadian publication on snowmobiles. A window into the snowmobile enthusiast. January 19th  4:20 p.m.  The Making of Americans at Triplecanopy, Brooklyn.  (Che Chen + Mary Walling Blackburn) January 30 6 – 8 p.m. Cabinet on Trial: A Magazine with No Qualities at New York Public Library […]

Before the Mayan End (Fall Events)

FALL: Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine [an anthology] FALL: “Flowers, in a way” [photographs and essay]. Monsters and Dust. Chicago. New paper edition of publication. Late September. Tate Modern. for Ahmet Ogut’s The Silent University Project Room Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials (documentation) Che Chen + Mary Walling Blackburn  Sat. Oct 6, Rose Auditorium, 4 – 6 […]

Black Milk Will Not Do.

Unedited notes. Beograd. Train station. April 2012. Soundtrack: Serbian songs include anthem-like riffs initially mistaken as Ani Di Franco and Bruce Springsteen intros. Freud museum. London. Small bowl of fake strawberries on display refer to a dream, a night dream of the daughter spuriously crafted in plastic. a curatorial afterthought.  The stairs to the second […]

Without Tenderness…a performance and object.

Without Tenderness will be performed and, say, installed at Undetectable at La Mama  Galleria  May 31- June 30  Curated by Nathan Lee:          


    We invite you to participate in the Feminist Read-A-Thon. This February Anhoek School, is conducting a Feminist-Read-A-Thon to help students take courses free of charge and pay teachers fairly for their labor. Anhoek is a nomadic and experimental school with small classes (a limit of seven students per class), and teachers who are […]

Anhoek School is Dead; Long Live Anhoek School!

Performance for  Anna Craycroft’s, Subject of Learning / Object of Study at the Blanton Museum of Art. Spring 2010 Anhoek School is Dead! Long Live Anhoek School!: A Performance in Substitution Anhoek School was invited to deliver a class at the Blanton Museum of Art. However, there was no funding provided to fly Anhoek School […]

The Little Heavy Ones: Bad Dreams as Border Songs

A night  performance, September 2010, on Angel Island as part of Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials I fly on my stomach, hands in front of me. I am near the river; the river is to the side. I land real early in the morning. In the dark. – 29°26’55″N 104°11’15″W The deep militarization of the US/Mexico […]

Radical Citizenship: San Francisco

Photo: Huong Ngo Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials began on Governor’s Island, New York; however, it was originally intended that both coasts would be simultaneously activated. Easch set of tutorials overlapped in September when Southern Exposure, located in San Francisco, hosted Radical Citizenship. The image above features Huong Ngo and Hong-An Truong’s tutorial, AND, AND, AND […]

Radical Citizenship: Governor’s Island: Carrie Dashow’s Tutorial

Two participants meet up after Carrie Dashow’s tutorial for Radical Citizenship:Governor’s Island. Dashow had participants create a document that detailed what sort of territory they would fight for; she notarized it (making it a legal document), and then transformed their document into song. Finally, they sang this new allegiance together/ Carrie Dashow’s Tutorial Description: Witness […]

Radical Citizenship: Governor’s Island. Athena Kokoronis’ Tutorial

Athena Kokoronis’ tutorial for Radical Citizenship:Governor’s Island focused on two central  facets of American identity: the tongue and American pie. The tongue as central to speech. She offered participants a choice of meal: tongue sandwich or apple pie. Most chose pie. Athena Kokoronis’ Tutorial Description: Fruit. Spore. Meat. Animal. Mineral. Plant. Our Civilization eats to […]

eyb_yram. bye baby.

eyb_yram.  bye baby. There’s a tradition of the self-portrait in the studio within art production. Here was mine. It spanned two continents and two bodies. Poor lighting transmogrofies the text; does that say ‘bye baby?’ A work space and an incomplete monument as backdrop.  Black letters on black. An End. A Night.

(The History of) Sweetness and Tenderness

Accidental Pornographies, an Anhoek School course, asked its participants to resurrect the 1970’s feminist liberatory gesture of taking a mirror to one’s privates–this exercise was borrowed from the seminal women’s health manual, Our Bodies/Ourselves. However, medical accuracy was not a concern. In this class, the gesture was extended to include making record of that moment […]

Lesson #1: How To Document the Dimensions of a Bomb Crater onto the Surface of New York City- Pt.2 (It’s Embarrassing)

How To Document the Dimensions of a Bomb Crater onto the Surface of New York City- Pt.2 (It’s Embarrassing) Together, we dig- stupidly, slowly, sadly, weirdly. While ‘teacher’ and participant dig together, a conversation/ a tutorial on citizenship as practice unfurls. Temporarily, we ‘borrow” the surface of New York City in order to communicate, amongst […]

Double Positive

Documentation of  interior cast Materials: human breast milk Text: Double Positive


INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION OF 0-0 Installer, select: believer/non-believer. Installer, pull over head. Let it drape Installer, pull back over your head, reversing the direction of the shirt as you pull. Installer, let the shirt drop to the ground from the ends of your hands just as you have pulled it over your head. Installer, be […]