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The White Plague

A column for Cabinet: An Arts and Culture Quarterly: The Thing While living in New Mexico, I came across a glass display case at the university’s medical library that contained ephemera from the Tuberculosis retreats located in the surrounding desert in the teens and 1920’s. One panel documented a longer history of TB treatments within […]

Arhitentonski Ninja

Arhitentonski Ninja means Ninja Architecture. It refers to the subterranean and marginally legal activities of the now deceased ‘Ninjaliscious’. He was a Canadian who specialized in scaling walls, rowing out to abandoned ships, limning rooftops, and the like. His zine was entitled “Infiltration.” M.W.Blackburn interviewed him for ‘Loudpaper: Dedicated to Increasing Architectural Discourse” (Volume 3, […]

The Language of Explosion

“The Language of Explosion: Documenting Nuclear Craters in the American West”, by Mary Walling Blackburn, was published in Women & Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory in the issue on “falling” in the autumn of 2004. The visual phenomenology of the crater has hardly been critically exhausted. For example, the article does not touch upon […]

The Library is on Fire

“The Library is on Fire: Wood as Cultural Signifier”, by M.W.Blackburn, was published by ctheory (“an international journal of theory, technology, and culture) in January of 2007. The first draft was prepared for a conference, Words, Images, and the Framing of Social Reality, Graduate Faculty department of Liberal Studies, New School of Social Research. Here […]

The Subtropical Architecture of Possession (circa 1998)

Ten years ago, I was living in Saigon/ HCMC, Vietnam. At arrival, I followed other tourists from the airport because I had predicted that would be the simplest way to find shelter. At the time, foreigners were not allowed to live in private households. My hotel room cost four dollars per night and included breakfast. […]

The Amputation of Statues

“Eighty Left Feet: Revolutionary Footnotes” was written by Mary Walling Blackburn as invited writer for artist, Judd Morrissey’s “The Last Performance.” In his words: “The Last Performance is a constraint-based collaborative writing, archiving and text-visualization project responding to the theme of lastness in relation to architectural forms, acts of building, a final performance, and the […]

“Mary smeared shit with the skill of a Zen calligrapher.”

The 30 x 30cm Project, in Marfa Texas, functions as a “collaboration between Arber & Sons Editions and visiting artists-in-residence at the Chinati Foundation”. The essay on John Beech’s “Container Series” was written by Mary Walling Blackburn. An alternate title is provided above. In 1992, Professor Kristin Gager, who was then specializing in the […]