Monthly Archives: February 2012

Grizzly Man Again

Grizzly Man Again (still) (2013, Digital Video) GMA (the video) includes interviews, songs, and monologues conducted by and with Bouchard (the 13 year old child protagonist from Grizzly Man Again: A Musical), as well as footage from the musical’s performance at the L.C. Bates Museum of Early 20th Century Natural History at Goodwill-Hinckley on the […]

Against Tenderness

Against Tenderness, 2012. Sound recording, wire, leotard, funerary ribbon, flowers, performance. French speaking cultural institutions of NYC have been invited to assist us in the translation of this text. Although, we have not heard back, we are not dissuaded. In order to perform the return of this queer radical prodigal son and to continue Hocquenghem’s […]