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Anhoek School: Correspondence Course: Revolutionary Year 222: A Series of Exercises Regarding Space

The director of Anhoek School will be teaching a required first year undergraduate Foundations course entitled “Spaces”  this Fall at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. The materials for this course will be crafted in a manner that invites others, under the auspices of the Anhoek School to participate/organize their own sections in locations extraneous to the […]

ditch. dawn. therapy for the end.

1980’s NYC Tax Records: Gowanus Canal   A performance of Mary Walling Blackburn’s “2 of 24 Psychoanalytic Acts: Therapy for the End” will take place this Sunday, May 18 at 5 a.m. at the Gowanus boat launch, located at the river end of 2nd St. (past its intersection with Bond St.), Brooklyn.In 2 of 24 […]

I’m “Bad”…? (news 2014)

                     Anita Bryant, pied.   Failing to Levitate.  EFA, NY, NY. June 1-July 1, 2014 My Strangest Stranger. UAG/UCSD, San Diego, California.  March 13th-May 9 2014 The Artists’ Commission. Grey Matter Gallery. Dallas, TX. November 2013 BOOKS AND BROADSHEET “Sister Apple, Sister Pig”. E-Book.  E-Flux Journal. March, 2014 […]

Forthcoming and in the Dust…(tardy updates)…performances, publications, and workshop

  “Colors/Teal,” Cabinet Magazine. Summer 2013 5 Minute Factory Merch Table.  Performance. Sculpture Center’s Block Party, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY  Forthcoming August 2013 5 Minute  Factory Merch Table.  Performance. CTSQ, Long Island City, NY May 2013 City Nude. Performance. Interdisciplinary Arts and the City: A Forum on Site and Social Spaces.   Southern Methodist […]

Saddam + George Forever: A marathon reading of On Democracy by Saddam Hussein at the Holy Office

Listeners…join us. The collective body of the Mirroring Line will present… Saddam + George Forever: A marathon reading of On Democracy by Saddam Hussein at the Holy Office on Wednesday, October 9th, NOON to MIDNIGHT. Invited guests and members of the Mirroring Line will read all of Saddam Hussein’s On Democracy to the bitter […]

HOLY OFFICE: Phaedrus Pron: A Read-A-Thon

Listeners…join us. The collective body of the Mirroring Line will present PHAEDRUS PRON READ-A-THON at the Holy Office on Wednesday, September 25th. NOON to MIDNIGHT. Invited guests and members of the Mirroring Line will read all 425 pages of Paul Chan’s Phaedrus Pron to the bitter end or midnight (whichever arrives first). Phaedrus Pron by […]

Snofari (Winter Events)

The ‘sno-fari’, a term once spied in a small homemade  20th century Canadian publication on snowmobiles. A window into the snowmobile enthusiast. January 19th  4:20 p.m.  The Making of Americans at Triplecanopy, Brooklyn.  (Che Chen + Mary Walling Blackburn) January 30 6 – 8 p.m. Cabinet on Trial: A Magazine with No Qualities at New York Public Library […]

Before the Mayan End (Fall Events)

FALL: Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine [an anthology] FALL: “Flowers, in a way” [photographs and essay]. Monsters and Dust. Chicago. New paper edition of publication. Late September. Tate Modern. for Ahmet Ogut’s The Silent University Project Room Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials (documentation) Che Chen + Mary Walling Blackburn  Sat. Oct 6, Rose Auditorium, 4 – 6 […]

Black Milk Will Not Do.

Unedited notes. Beograd. Train station. April 2012. Soundtrack: Serbian songs include anthem-like riffs initially mistaken as Ani Di Franco and Bruce Springsteen intros. Freud museum. London. Small bowl of fake strawberries on display refer to a dream, a night dream of the daughter spuriously crafted in plastic. a curatorial afterthought.  The stairs to the second […]

Porfirio Diaz. Serge Gainsbourg. Same Graveyard.

unedited notes. London. March 28. 2012 A brief sense of the trip can be encapsulated by the oddness of bodies assembled in a Parisian graveyard: Brancusi. Cortazar. Gainesbourg. Duras. Diaz.The cognitive urge is to connect the dots but what sort of line is it that stupidly loops the corpses? I am still attempting to discern […]

Without Tenderness…a performance and object.

Without Tenderness will be performed and, say, installed at Undetectable at La Mama  Galleria  May 31- June 30  Curated by Nathan Lee:          

February 17th, a trial

A former student goes to trial on February 17th. Today she and 150 were arraigned at the court house in Manhattan. These people were arrested for protesting the economic inequity in the United States and abroad. She began protesting months ago. Then the cold re-organized the motions. But still, a legal process unfurls. It is […]

The Department of Egyptian Art, this Sunday, 1230: Museum Conversation–Leaderless Revolution

Its 8:33 am in Cairo.  In the news, Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney praised Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday as “a good man”. Al Jazeera reports, “President Hosni Mubarak has not stepped down as head of National Democratic Party.” A woman in Cairo relays that protesters have not left Tahrir Square because they […]