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♂ Anti-Fertility Garden

In response to the punitive reproductive rights legislation recently meted out by the Texas state government, a male anti-fertility garden was planted in the yard of Sala Diaz, an exhibition space in San Antonio, Texas. The garden contains elements of plants alleged to cause temporary to permanent sterility in men, including neem, papaya, cotton and myrtle. Some of […]


ESVMID, 2015. Inkjet prints, digital C-prints, Kartell Crystal Ghost Stool, walrus penis bone, chair mat, ink, website. ESVMID is a networked art project in two parts. The first part is an online speculative archive that catalogues visualizations of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s lost ivory dildo. The speculative archive will contain over 30 visualizations of ESVM’s […]

Hecate’s Necklace (Speculative Numismatics)

Hecate’s Necklace [Numismatics], 2014. Coins, enamel, digital animation. Hecate, goddess of the City Poor and the Mother of Ghosts, wears a necklace of severed testicles. What values shift if we replace the bust of one depressed American president with one small pair of balls painted in enamel? Speculative numismatics imagines and circulates the vision of an alternate society by […]

manchildren [she-corpses]

manchildren [she-corpses], 2014. Readymade photobook, mixed media, digital video. The project “manchildren” began with a search for a copy of David Hamilton’s “Dream of a Young Girl”. These books are very unstable in regards to their legal status. If I purchase a Hamilton in Germany and stay in Germany, it’s a legal purchase. The same […]

Extra Earth Analog

Extra Earth Analog, 2014. Printed matter. Informed by the unfinished radical project of post-colonial critical theory, “The Extra Earth Analog” is an A to Z compendium of critical reflections regarding the strangest stranger: the extraterrestrial and/or the expatriate. It aims to make unstable the social energies that work to contain and normalize the alien and expatriate, […]

Study for Mural: Informal Crossing Inventory

Study For Mural: Informal Crossing Inventory, 2014. 28′ x 32′ photo-mural suspended from gallery ceiling, mirrors, altered subsonic recordings of seismic activity. The content of the photomural is determined by a singular narrative communicated by an informal crosser encountered at Casa del Migrante in Tijuana. In an interview, he provided specific instructions on what elements the mural should contain. Study […]

Sister Apple, Sister Pig

Front and back cover for Sister Apple, Sister Pig. Photo-illustrated children’s e-book, published in e-flux in 2014. In the orchard, by the pond, in the garden, in the pig pen…Lee searches for the ghost-sister, the child that preceded. Where is she? Does she exist? Is she in the form of an apple? Is she in the […]

Ooh Foe

Ooh Foe, 2012. Performance and digital video documentation Physically tracing an old expat drug smuggling route through Europe to the Syrian border, my initial pursuit of the alien as expatriate became an investigation of the extraterrestrial as the strangest stranger. My initial proposal was derailed by civil wars and so I recalibrated and determined another set of actions to interrogate […]

2 of 24 Psychoanalytic Acts: Therapy for The End

2 of 23 Psychoanalytic Acts: Therapy for the End. Sound recording, shelf, cotton, clay, paint, unbroken geode, performance. Sarah Workneh and Abraham Adams perform in the roles of psychotherapist and patient as they listen over headphones to a prerecorded psychotherapy session and repeat the words in real time as they hear them. The patient is […]

Grizzly Man Again

Grizzly Man Again (still) (2013, Digital Video) GMA (the video) includes interviews, songs, and monologues conducted by and with Bouchard (the 13 year old child protagonist from Grizzly Man Again: A Musical), as well as footage from the musical’s performance at the L.C. Bates Museum of Early 20th Century Natural History at Goodwill-Hinckley on the […]

Against Tenderness

Against Tenderness, 2012. Sound recording, wire, leotard, funerary ribbon, flowers, performance. French speaking cultural institutions of NYC have been invited to assist us in the translation of this text. Although, we have not heard back, we are not dissuaded. In order to perform the return of this queer radical prodigal son and to continue Hocquenghem’s […]

Library for (the land of fuck)

Interior View of Library: Visitors never saw this as they were not allowed to view within; their options were to speak or listen at the exterior. Library for (the land of fuck) as performed at CCS Bard/ Hessel Museum May 1-22, 2011 Project website: Construction headed by Matt Bua, and assisted by Athena Kokoronis […]

Double Positive

  Double Positive, 2011. Breast Milk, Scanner In 2009, E-Flux invited artists to create an alternate currency for their project, Time/Bank. I located existing currencies, alternate and underground and although drugs are an obvious selection, one method of their transport became key to developing a divergent form of exchange. Women I knew as a child smuggled […]

Radical Citizenship: the Tutorials

  Radical Citizenship: the Tutorials, 2010-2011. Tutorials were held at two locations in the Bay Area, on Angel Island and and at Southern Exposure (3030 20th Street, San Francisco). The length of the tutorial is a negotiation between the tutor and the tutored. Tutors, ranging from archaeologists to musicians, artists to librarians, provide one-on-one tutorials at […]

Hi Ana / Hi Hannah: from the Fatherland

Hi Ana / Hi Hannah: from the Fatherland, 2009. 3 sets of over-sized postcards shot at the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas Wondering where the unmade work of Ana Mendieta and Hannah Wilke might have been located had there been a desert site, funded by DIA. The works of Ana and Hannah’s troublesome exes (Claes Oldenberg and Carl […]

Snuff Architecture

Snuff Architecture, 2008. Concrete, photographic documentation. Matt Bua and Max Goldfarb invited artists and architects to provide “un-built (impossible or speculative) structures that exist on paper” for a publication entitledVisionary Drawing Building, included in Bua’s exhibition at Mass MOCA. At that point, I had to ask myself what sort of visions was I capable of? […]