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Academical Sketchbook


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War in the Winter

Snowfall. Number 15. Three Cigarettes.

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    We invite you to participate in the Feminist Read-A-Thon. This February Anhoek School, is conducting a Feminist-Read-A-Thon to help students take courses free of charge and pay teachers fairly for their labor. Anhoek is a nomadic and experimental school with small classes (a limit of seven students per class), and teachers who are […]

Anhoek School is Dead; Long Live Anhoek School!

Performance for  Anna Craycroft’s, Subject of Learning / Object of Study at the Blanton Museum of Art. Spring 2010 Anhoek School is Dead! Long Live Anhoek School!: A Performance in Substitution Anhoek School was invited to deliver a class at the Blanton Museum of Art. However, there was no funding provided to fly Anhoek School […]

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Protected: The Empire of Babies

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Hands: This Body Part

Norma, the Surveyor’s Level

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2012 Beautiful Economy/ Anhoek School: January ARE: Testing. Harvard University/The Labratory. February Art Matters Research and Travel Grant: Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey. March, April, May Publications:  Art School (Paper Monument), Flowers (Monsters and Dust) 2012

The Little Heavy Ones: Bad Dreams as Border Songs

A night  performance, September 2010, on Angel Island as part of Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials I fly on my stomach, hands in front of me. I am near the river; the river is to the side. I land real early in the morning. In the dark. – 29°26’55″N 104°11’15″W The deep militarization of the US/Mexico […]

Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials-Manhattan January 2011

January 28 – 29, 2011.  I know you know I know you know I know, at Hunter College’s Times Square Gallery/MFA Building. The Hunter Graduate Student’s Curatorial Committee has selected Amanda Jane Eicher (San Francisco), Mark Jeffrey and Judd Morrisey (Chicago), Hong-An Truong and Huong Ngo, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Athena Kokaronis, Caroline Woolard, Carrie Dashow and […]

Radical Citizenship: San Francisco

Photo: Huong Ngo Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials began on Governor’s Island, New York; however, it was originally intended that both coasts would be simultaneously activated. Easch set of tutorials overlapped in September when Southern Exposure, located in San Francisco, hosted Radical Citizenship. The image above features Huong Ngo and Hong-An Truong’s tutorial, AND, AND, AND […]

There is No Explosion Like a Book (a debate)

Course: The Library is Burning (2007) School: School of the Art Institute of Chicago Department: Writing Title: After Mallarme: There is No Explosion Like a Book (A Debate) Student: collective class performance Assignment: In this experimental writing course, 15 Students were divided into two opposing teams of equal size to debate Mallarme’s claim, “there is […]

Radical Citizenship: Governor’s Island: Carrie Dashow’s Tutorial

Two participants meet up after Carrie Dashow’s tutorial for Radical Citizenship:Governor’s Island. Dashow had participants create a document that detailed what sort of territory they would fight for; she notarized it (making it a legal document), and then transformed their document into song. Finally, they sang this new allegiance together/ Carrie Dashow’s Tutorial Description: Witness […]

Radical Citizenship: Governor’s Island. Athena Kokoronis’ Tutorial

Athena Kokoronis’ tutorial for Radical Citizenship:Governor’s Island focused on two central  facets of American identity: the tongue and American pie. The tongue as central to speech. She offered participants a choice of meal: tongue sandwich or apple pie. Most chose pie. Athena Kokoronis’ Tutorial Description: Fruit. Spore. Meat. Animal. Mineral. Plant. Our Civilization eats to […]

eyb_yram. bye baby.

eyb_yram.  bye baby. There’s a tradition of the self-portrait in the studio within art production. Here was mine. It spanned two continents and two bodies. Poor lighting transmogrofies the text; does that say ‘bye baby?’ A work space and an incomplete monument as backdrop.  Black letters on black. An End. A Night.