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Before the Mayan End (Fall Events)

FALL: Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine [an anthology] FALL: “Flowers, in a way” [photographs and essay]. Monsters and Dust. Chicago. New paper edition of publication. Late September. Tate Modern. for Ahmet Ogut’s The Silent University Project Room Radical Citizenship: The Tutorials (documentation) Che Chen + Mary Walling Blackburn  Sat. Oct 6, Rose Auditorium, 4 – 6 […]

SEE Omer Fast’s 5000 Feet is the Best

Head to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) before our Monday class. See Omer Fast’s 5000 Feet is the Best Take notes as you watch. Pay attention to how space is organized within the video itself (close-ups/ wide shots/length of shot). Recall that a military-industrial space is engaged as well. How does distance figure […]

Pontormo’s Body: Reading for Class #3

Class #3 Pontormo’s Stake Out of the Hole: Observing the Conditions of Art Production TEXT: Ingestion: Pontormo’s Diary After familiarizing  yourself with Pontormo’s observation of self and how that informed his painting practice, determine to observe your own bodies’ input and output for 7 days and it’s effect on your own creative labors. Begin to […]

WORKS mentioned in class 8/22

Giacometti (Instability of space and our  engagement with that instability) Baloji (Cinematic space: close up, wide shot; political space; urban space; sonic space) Agnes Martin (the vetting of color to emphasize formal properties) A local Agnes Martin  work Omer Fast  (5000 Feet is the Best; Military Space/ Narrative Space) Rachel Whitread (Negative and Positive Space) Cornelia Parker (Cold […]


Absences, Lateness Please scan or photograph and email a medical note for all absences. After one unexcused absence, your grade will drop one letter grade. Absent students shall consult the class blog for missed work and communicate any questions regarding in class clarifications via the blog. We will answer as a collective as the fine […]

O Grading

Final Grading Student will provide an in depth evaluation of their own work that will be assessed by their peers, myself, and any human subjects within their work. This collective assessment will figure into the final grade submitted to the university for administrative purposes. The final grade breaks down as follows In Class Participation 20% […]

Bureaucratic Essentials as Determined by the Bureaucracy

 LEARNING OBJECTIVES   The university mandates that  the term “Learning Objectives” is employed within the syllabus and that these objectives are explicitly defined. See below:      – a rigorous investigation  and application of the formal properties of space (Students must demonstrate an understanding and command of the cause and effect of the formal properties […]

Why casually supplant the course title with “revolutionary year 221”?

The political and formal concerns of space fuse in this particular historic node.  In 1789, French revolutionaries disintegrated the old dating system in favor of a calendar that begins when  Revolution begins. It is  not 2012; by their clock, it is 221.  By Mayan calculations, time…as we currently experience it, stops this December.   International […]

Brief Course Description of SPACE/ Revolutionary Year 221

Brief Course Description   In this Revolutionary Year 221 (2012 ACE), we, as makers/hackers/demolition men/cosmonauts/angels… uh students will begin to unpack the fundamentals of space. Students will plumb both the formal properties (surface, density, volume, depth, height, shape, time) inherent to space and the conceptual possibilities that generate from an understanding of space as a […]

Exercise #1: When a Book Burning Becomes a Book Burial: at the George W. Bush Library

(for Class #2) When a Book Burning Becomes a Book Burial: at the George W. Bush Library Materials: Rock, Book. We will not burn books. We shall…bury them. You will determine and procure a singular book to bury. Is your burial more akin to a planting: symbolically, you wish for THIS to be grown here? […]