Monthly Archives: February 2015

♂ Anti-Fertility Garden

In response to the punitive reproductive rights legislation recently meted out by the Texas state government, a male anti-fertility garden was planted in the yard of Sala Diaz, an exhibition space in San Antonio, Texas. The garden contains elements of plants alleged to cause temporary to permanent sterility in men, including neem, papaya, cotton and myrtle. Some of […]


ESVMID, 2015. Inkjet prints, digital C-prints, Kartell Crystal Ghost Stool, walrus penis bone, chair mat, ink, website. ESVMID is a networked art project in two parts. The first part is an online speculative archive that catalogues visualizations of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s lost ivory dildo. The speculative archive will contain over 30 visualizations of ESVM’s […]

Hecate’s Necklace (Speculative Numismatics)

Hecate’s Necklace [Numismatics], 2014. Coins, enamel, digital animation. Hecate, goddess of the City Poor and the Mother of Ghosts, wears a necklace of severed testicles. What values shift if we replace the bust of one depressed American president with one small pair of balls painted in enamel? Speculative numismatics imagines and circulates the vision of an alternate society by […]